About Us


About Ningbo Trupick Imp & Exp  Co,. Ltd.

A practitioner of food storage aesthetics, we have product research and development centers in Japan, Korea, China and other places. Through our high-quality and affordable products, we can bring you a simple, orderly, comfortable and pleasant life.

Our Products: We have always been in pursuit of superior quality, and always will be.

We are committed to the global procurement of high-quality raw materials, product visual emotional fashion design, actively optimize product interaction experience, continue to embrace innovation, and strive to create more products with a sense of life for consumers. Our products have passed the European Union CE certification and Japanese JIS certification. Better quality is only for you who understand life.

Our Design: Discover the simple beauty, design for orderly and comfortable life, design for optimizing man-machine usage habits, set up product research and development centers in Japan, South Korea, China and other places, to create more valuable products for life.


Our Price: We continue to optimize the design of products, expand the number of products produced, simplify the cost of product packaging and save the cost of transportation, to provide customers with more cost-effective products at a reasonable price.

Our Service: We wholeheartedly, with sincere communication with customers, mutual recognition of each other's values, share happiness, do a good job in food torage professional consultant.

Sustainable Future: We advocate simple and orderly life, deeply understand the relationship between simple lifestyle and products, and eliminate excess waste to reduce energy consumption. We continue to study the quality of products, extend the service life of products, through the quality of products to positively affect the use of the concept of products. We pay attention to the environmental protection and nature of our products, pay attention to the recycling of accessories outside our products, and actively participate in building a more sustainable future.