Product Design

In our rapidly changing world, people seek products that work beautifully, are attractive and reduce our impact on the planet.  We engage with clients to explore their vision and draw on our multi-disciplinary team of design, engineering, materials and sustainability expertise to shape and develop practical and stylish food storage container products for now and the future.

Accelerate your design-to-make process with a broad skill set we posessed

▆ Industry-leading product design

▆ Design engineering

▆ Design research & insights

▆ Rapid prototyping

▆ Product portfolio optimization

▆ Market-entry strategy

We believe it’s foundational to our work that we show up with a good ear and a strong point of view. Beautiful, ingenious, and charismatic products not only deliver an outstanding experience for your customers, they also break through the cluttered, omnichannel marketplace.

We’re driven to create products that, yes, meet every technical requirement, but more importantly, propel your brand and turn heads.

Design Process Methodology

The Design Process by nature is heavily reliant on the deployment of resources namely Manpower, Money, Materials and Machines' (the classical 4 ‘M’s).

The Design Process, to be successful needs to underpin it’s activities with a strong Project Management methodology, which we are using as follows:

Product Design Process

Freshness keeper focused on finding effective design solutions for many types of design problems . The product design discipline, considers aspects such as human interface, ease of manufacture, ease of assembly, ease of maintenance, product safety, environmental friendliness, appropriate materials and aesthetics are fundamental considerations.

The art of working with many types of specialists, from engineers, to tool-makers, to material experts, to marketing professionals is required.

The key criteria such as use of materials, technical requirements, and production processes are assumed, however added to that a good R&D department will be able to make a value contribution to the intangible aspects of a product. This resides in the area of appeal, aesthetics and visual design, and is often regarded as the magic.

Product design resources to stay competitive


Explore design alternatives

Quickly capture the client's design intent and seamlessly creates multiple production-ready design options and review tradeoffs in materials, performance, cost, and manufacturing processes.

Improve product quality

Use advanced simulation to gain a complete understanding of your product performance (beyond stress and deflection results).


Manage intellectual property

Store and protect your intellectual property data in a single location and securely share it to simplify and speed up review cycles.

Transforming organizations through beautiful, ingenious products

There are many very real benefits to be had from examples of our work, see how process-workflow have transformative potential:

➽Getting the focus right

➽Efficient use of resources

➽Effective teamwork

➽Creation of intellectual property

➽Meeting market needs

➽Providing insight into a market space

➽Deploying appropriate technology

➽Reducing risks

➽Utilising capital effectively

➽Harnassing human capital

➽Leveraging design and innovation