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Work environment and employee safety

Work environment and implementation of employee safety and protection measures:

1.Work environment and employee safety

(1)Plant security

The plant has access control set up at all entrances and exits. The gate has security guards stationed 24 hours a day and the entire plant area is covered by a surveillance system. The stationed guards patrol the plant site every 2 hours at night. A 24-hour emergency reporting hotline – 1999 - has been set up to prevent failure and delay in reporting emergency events, which may cause incidents to escalate and pose safety concerns.

(2)Emergency response training

The Company hires external professional instructors to conduct fire safety training and drills every six months. Based on risk assessments, the Company has highlighted ten major emergency responses and designed drills for different floors and areas within the plant, which are conducted every two (2) months to improve employees' responses and reduce the risk of hazards.

(3)Implementation of workplace safety and health system

The plant also has a workplace safety and health system in place. The Safety and Health Center has been assigned to perform daily inspections of the workplace, and conduct inspections on contractors' safety and health, the standard manufacturing procedures, equipment operation/maintenance policy, and chemicals management. Any defects discovered are rectified in a timely manner to prevent escalation. Each year, the Audit Center conducts 1~2 audits on the workplace safety and health system. In doing so, we hope to develop a habit of ongoing improvement and self-management among employees, and raise their awareness towards safety and health that would lead to the creation of a safe and comfortable work environment. The Company has obtained ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification.

2. Employee health service

(1)Health checkup

The Company offers a healthcare package that is more comprehensive than what the laws require. One hundred percent of employees have taken the checkup, while employees' family members were invited to take the same tests at the same discounted rate as employees. Employees' health checkups and special health checkup results are further analyzed, assessed, and managed. Additional care is extended to employees that meet certain criteria, and physicians' appointments are arranged whenever necessary to provide proper health consultation. The Company publishes new information on health and disease on a monthly basis. It uses the “Global Push Message” system to notify employees of all locations regarding the latest safety/health concerns and the proper knowledge on healthcare and disease prevention.

(2)Health consultation

Physicians are invited to the plant twice a month for three (3) hours per visit. Depending on the nature of employees' queries, the physicians provide consultation for 30 ~ 60 minutes.

(3)Health promotion activities

The Company organizes health seminars, annual sport tournaments, hiking events, subsidized trips, and subsidized recreational clubs to encourage employees' participation in recreational activities.

(4)Employee meals

The Company offers a diverse range of nutrition-balanced meals to choose from. Environmental reviews are conducted on the caterer on a monthly basis to ensure the safety of food served to employees.

Labor and Business Ethics Policies

Freshness Keeper attaches great importance to the promotion of labor and business ethics policies, and promotes and conducts regular inspections of related systems through work rules, corporate cultural management systems, announcement systems and other platforms. In order to protect labor and human rights standards, we believe that every employee should be treated fairly and humanely.

We have worked to establish "Management Measures for the Prevention and Control of Sexual Harassment" and provide channels for complaints, and establish the "Management Measures for the Prevention of Human Sexual Harm", "Measures for the Prevention of Diseases Caused by Abnormal Workloads", "Management Measures for Health Checks", and "Perform Duties Measures” and policies such as "Prevention Measures for Unlawful Infringements" safeguard the rights and interests of all colleagues.

Compliance with relevant local regulations and international standards.

The company complies with the relevant laws and regulations of China and the relevant international labor human rights standards, including the ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations "Global Covenant", and the plastic mold injection industry code of conduct. implements this spirit in the establishment of internal rules and regulations.

Labor Rights
The labor contract between each employee and the company complies with the relevant laws and regulations in China.

No Forced Labor
When the employment relationship is established, a labor contract is signed in accordance with the law. The contract states that the employment relationship is established based on the agreement of both parties.

Child Labor
The company shall not employ child laborers and young laborers under the age of 18, and any behavior that may cause child labor is not allowed.

Female Worker
The company's work rules clearly stipulate the protection measures for female workers, especially the protection measures for pregnant female workers: including not working at night and not engaging in hazardous work, etc.

Working Hours
The company’s work rules stipulate that the company’s working hours shall not exceed 12 hours a day, the weekly working hours shall not exceed 7 days, the monthly overtime limit shall be 46 hours, and the total of three months shall not exceed 138 hours, etc.

Salary and Benefits
Salaries paid to employees comply with all relevant wage laws and regulations, including laws on minimum wages, overtime hours and statutory benefits, and the payment of overtime pay is above that stipulated by the law.

Humane Treatment
FK is dedicated to treating employees humanely, including any violation of our policies in the form of sexual harassment, corporal punishment, mental or physical oppression, or verbal insults.