Supervison & Management

Supplier Management

Freshness Keeper is providing practical and stylish food storage containers for brands all over the word, and is a professional leader engaging in the integration with research & development, design, manufacture, assembly, mechanism, customer maintenance service, and after-sales service.

Our supply chain comes from all over the world including raw and packaging materials, technical products, components, and services; we aim to promote supply chain stability while providing our customers with high-quality products and services.

The company formulates relevant procurement policies and requires our suppliers to comply, and also expect our suppliers to share our related policies, as set out in our.

Responsible Sourcing Principles, The policies including.

The Policy 1: The safety, health and environment protection

The company upholds social responsibility and reduces the pollution caused by the process of products, services and activities, striving to establish a better and safer working environment. We promise to:

Follow local code of safety, health and environmental protection. Also, keep concerning on international topics of safety, health and environmental protection.

Advocate the occupation, safety, health & environment management systems, implement relevant risk assessments, review improvement results, and enhance management performance.

Aggressively improve process, control the pollutant, advocate the process to reduce waste and conduct energy-saving, so as to reduce any environmental impact and risks.

Implement each of safety, health and environmental protection training, establish employees' awareness of preventive concepts against occupational disasters and pollution.

Establish a safe and healthy workplace circumstance; promote health management and the advance activities to balance the physical and mental health of employees.

Sustain employees’ queries and involve the safety health and environmental protection issues, encourage all to dig out the harmfulness, risk and improvement to get the good reaction and protection.

Establish good communication between suppliers, subcontractor and other interested parties, and deliver the company's policy to achieve sustainable management

The Policy 2: RBA (RBA Code of Conduct) standard

The suppliers should follow the RBA standard, abides by relevant international regulations and supports and respects international labor rights norms.

Child labor is not to be used in any stage of manufacturing. The term “child” refers to any person under the age of 15.

There shall be no unreasonable restrictions on workers’ freedom. Forced, bonded (including debt bondage) or indentured labor, involuntary or exploitative prison labor, slavery or trafficking of persons is not permitted.

Provide a safe and healthy work environment and to ensure and solve health and safety issues in the workplace.

Implement labor-management cooperation and respect employees' opinions.

Participants should be committed to a workplace free of harassment and unlawful discrimination.

Participants are committed to uphold the human rights of workers, and to treat them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community.

Working hours are not to exceed the maximum set by local law, and the worker should have a reasonable working time and day off.

Compensation paid to workers shall comply with all applicable wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits.

Respect the right of all workers to form and join trade unions of their own choosing.

Adhere to the Universal Code of Corporate Ethics.

The Policy 4: Information Security Policy

Proprietary Information Protection (PIP) is the cornerstone of trust and cooperation. The company actively deepens the information security and confidential information protection mechanism, and requires our suppliers to jointly adhere to this principle in cooperation. The company's information security management, including relevant personnel, management systems, applications, data, documents, media storage, hardware equipment, and network facilities for information operations at each location of the company. In recent years, the company has actively strengthened the company's overall information structure, and specifically carried out a number of information security enhancement projects, including:

Strengthen internal and external network security

Strengthen Endpoint Security

Data Leakage Protection

Email Security

Enhance IT Infrastructure

To prevent the information system from being improperly used or deliberately damaged by internal or external personnel, or when it has suffered an emergency such as improper use or deliberate destruction, the company can respond quickly and resume normal operation in the shortest time to reduce the possible economic damage and operational interruption caused by the accident.

The Policy 5: Irregular Business Conduct Reporting

Integrity is the most important core value of FK's culture. Freshness Keeper is committed to act ethically in all aspects of our business, and will not condone any form of corruption and fraud. If you find or suspect any unethical conduct or breach of FK's ethical standards by a FK employee or anyone representing FK, please contact us. Your report will be directly forwarded to dedicated unit of FK.

Unless otherwise provided by laws, Freshness Keeper will maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and protect your identity under strict protection measures.


FK may use your personal information, including name, telephone number and email address, to facilitate investigation. If necessary, FK may share your personal information with relevant essential personnel.

You may not act maliciously or knowingly and willfully make a false statement. You shall assume liability for the allegations that prove to have been made maliciously or knowingly to be false.

To promptly act to investigate and/or resolve the issue, please provide as much detailed information and documents as possible. Please note that if the information or documents are insufficient, the investigation may be hampered.

You may not disclose any or part of information provided by FK, or you shall bear all legal responsibilities.

Smart Manufacturing Solution

We efficiently designed reliable and quality products to improve manufacturing quality and yield via field verification. It has become a powerful tool to improve process technology capabilities.

Smart manufacturing includes five solutions: "Smart printed-circuit design", "Smart sensor", " Smart equipment", " Smart logistics" and "Smart data visualization platform".

For improving overall productivity, efficiency and yield, We are able to integrate heterogeneous systems, such as Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Advanced Planning & Scheduling System (APS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Quality Control (QC), Human Resource Management (HRM), and Facility Management System (FMS).

Employee Integrity Code

Code of Integrity Conduct

Article 1. Purpose
Ensure that employees implement the principle of good faith as the core value, and are not tempted by outsiders to make mistakes and oversteps, and jointly maintain the company’s goodwill and long-term competitiveness.

Article 2. Scope of application
Employees who conduct official business and entertainment activities inside and outside the company must strictly abide by the code of conduct of integrity and honesty, and do not use their job status for personal gain.

The employees mentioned here refer to the formal and contracted employees of the company and its affiliated branches and subsidiaries whose employment relationship is protected by the Labor Standards Law.

Article 4. Content
1. Honesty and trustworthiness are the basic standards for dealing with people. All employees should treat customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues with integrity.

2. Due diligence is an important way to embody the code of integrity. All employees should be courageous, strict in self-discipline, adhere to principles, loyal to their duties, serve enthusiastically, and be efficient, perform their duties with a high sense of responsibility, and safeguard the company’s goodwill, shareholders, and the rights of colleagues.

3. Employees should cultivate the values of honesty and integrity, based on honesty and professional conduct. Reflect the quality of integrity in work: abide by the contract, abide by the promises to customers, colleagues, managers and the competent authority, build the development and success of enterprises and individuals on the basis of integrity, and realize the core values of the company.

4. Employees should insist on correct performance display, truthfully report work status, ensure the truthfulness and reliability of information and transaction records, ensure the integrity of business and financial reporting procedures and the accuracy of reported information, and prohibit fraud and reporting of false performance.

5. It is forbidden to provide deliberately misleading or false information either internally or externally, and all external statements are the responsibility of the dedicated colleagues.

6. Employees are obliged to abide by the current laws, regulations and other regulatory requirements of the company's location, as well as the Articles of Incorporation and the company's current rules and regulations. If employees are unsure whether they violate laws, regulations, binding policies, or company systems, they should discuss the situation with the responsible supervisors , human resources unit, legal affairs unit or administration unit, and ask the general manager if necessary. To reduce the risk of problems.

7. Integrity and fairness are the company's business principles, and employees must not use illegal or improper means to sell goods. If there is a need to give a discount to the other party, or give a commission or in-kind to the middleman, etc., it must be given to the other party in an explicit manner, at the same time providing supporting documents, and notify the financial department to truthfully enter the account.

8. If a supplier or business partner provides improper benefits or bribes and requests improper or illegal favors or business, the employee should immediately report to the responsible supervisors and report to the administration unit for assistance.

9. When personal interests conflict with the interests of the company, as well as with the interests of business partners and work objects, employees should immediately report to the responsible supervisors, and at the same time, report to the human resources unit for assistance.

10. It is forbidden to participate in discussion meetings involving the appointment, dismissal, promotion and salary increase of employees or their relatives.