Freshness Keeper Further improve the storage container injection mold workshop management guidelines

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Freshness Keeper Further improve the storage container injection mold workshop management guidelines

During the production of Plastic Crisper, injection molding is a 24-hour continuous operation, involving plastic raw materials, injection molds, injection machines, peripheral equipment, fixture, spray, color powder, packaging materials and auxiliary materials, and many positions, personnel division of labor complex, how to make the production of injection workshop smooth operation, to achieve "high quality, high efficiency, low consumption"? Is the goal that each injection molding manager expects to achieve, injection molding workshop management is good or bad, directly affects the injection molding production efficiency, defective rate, material consumption, manpower, delivery time and Sealed Crisper Container production cost.


Injection molding department is the "leading" department of every Plastic Crisper Factory. If the management of injection molding department is not good, the operation of all departments of the enterprise will be affected, resulting in the quality/delivery cannot meet customer requirements and the competitiveness of the enterprise will decline.


At the beginning of the New Year 2023, Freshness Keeper further improved the management of injection molding workshop, mainly including: The management of raw materials/color powder/water material, the management of broken material room, the management of batching room, the use and management of injection molding machine, the use and management of injection mold, the use and management of fixture, staff training and management, the management of safe production, the management of glue parts quality, the management of auxiliary materials, the establishment of operation process, the formulation of rules and regulations/job responsibilities, the template/document data Management, etc.

Ⅰ, scientific and reasonable staffing

The work affairs of the Plastic Crisper Container injection molding department are various, and a scientific and reasonable staffing is needed to achieve a reasonable division of labor and clear post responsibilities, so as to achieve the state of "everything is managed and everyone is in charge". Therefore, the injection molding department needs to have a good organizational structure, reasonable division of labor and work out the responsibilities of each post.

Ⅱ, Management of batching room

1. Formulate the management system of the batching room and the batching work guidelines;

2. Raw materials, color powder and mixing machine in the batching room should be placed in different areas;

3. Raw materials (water mouth materials) should be classified and marked well;

4. Color powder should be placed on the color powder rack, and to mark well (color powder name, color powder number);

5. The mixer should be numbered/marked, and do a good job of using, cleaning and maintenance of the mixer;

6. Supplies for cleaning and mixing machine (air gun, fire water, rags);

7. The prepared material shall be sealed or tied by the bag sealing machine, and affixed with identification paper (indicate: raw material, color powder number, machine, date of batching, product name/code, batching staff, etc.;

8. Used ingredient board and ingredient notice, and recorded ingredients;

9. White/light colored materials need to be mixed with special mixer, and keep the environment clean;

10.Training ingredients on business knowledge, job responsibilities and management system;

Ⅲ. Management of pulverized material room

1. Formulate the crushing room management system and crushing work guidelines.

2. The water inlet materials in the crushing room should be classified/placed in zones.

3. Separator should be used between the crusher to prevent the debris from splashing out and causing interference.

4. The broken material bag shall be sealed in time and affixed with identification paper (indicate: name of raw material, color, color powder number, date of broken material and crusher, etc.).

5. The crusher shall be numbered/marked, and the crusher shall be used, lubricated and maintained.

6. Periodically check/tighten the fixing screws of the crusher blades.

7. Transparent/white/light colored water mouth material shall be crushed by a fixed machine (better to separate the crushing material room).

8. When replacing the water mouth material of different materials and crushing, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the crusher and blade, and keep the environment clean.

9. Provide labor protection (wearing earplugs, masks and eye patches) and safety production management for the crusher.

10.Responsible for the business training, job responsibility training and management system training of the crusher.

Ⅳ. On-site management of injection molding workshop

1. Do a good job in the planning and regional division of the injection molding workshop, reasonably specify the placement area of the machine, peripheral equipment, raw materials, molds, packaging materials, qualified products, defective products, water materials and equipment, and clearly mark.

2. The working state of the injection molding machine shall be hung with the "status plate".

3. Responsible for "5S" management of injection molding workshop production site.

4. The production of "urgent" shall stipulate the output of a single shift, and hang the urgent plate.

5. Draw the "feeding line" in the drying barrel and specify the feeding time.

6. Do a good job in the use of raw materials, control of the nozzle material and check the amount of waste in the nozzle material.

7. Do a good job of patrol inspection in the production process, and strengthen the implementation of various rules and regulations (timely walking management). Reasonable arrangement of airport personnel, strengthen the inspection/supervision of field labor discipline.

8. Responsible for the manpower arrangement and shift handover of the injection molding department at meal time.

9. Clean, lubricate, maintain and deal with abnormal problems of the machine/mold.

10. Follow up product quality and production quantity and handle anomalies.

11. Inspection and control of post-processing methods and packaging methods of rubber parts.

12. Check production safety and eliminate potential safety risks.

13. Check, recycle and clean up the site samples, process cards, operation instructions and related materials.

14.Strengthen the inspection and supervision of the filling status of various statements and billboard.

V. Management of raw materials/color powder/water material

1. Packaging, marking and classification of raw materials/color powder/mouthpiece.

2. Requisition records of raw materials/color powder/water material.

3. Unpacking raw materials/color powder/water material shall be sealed in time.

4. Training on plastic properties and material identification methods.

5. Formulate rules on the proportion of water material added.

6. Formulate the storage (color powder rack) and use regulations.

7. Formulate the material consumption index and the provisions of the material supplement application.

8. Regular inventory of raw materials/color powder/water material to prevent material loss.

Post time: Jan-31-2023